Digital registration of migrants as co-production of citizens, territory and Europe

How does migration enact Europe?

This question can be answered legally and politically, as most policy-makers, sociologists and journalists are doing. Or, it can be answered technically.

Call for abstract – 8th STS Italia Conference Trieste 18-20 June 2020

Prof. Annalisa Pelizza and PhD candidate Lorenzo Olivieri will be the convenors of a panel on platforms, surveillance and vulnerable populations at the 8th STS Italia Conference. The panel invites presentations discussing the relation between digital platforms and vulnerable subjects: How do online platforms and data infrastructures allow empowering innovations in the communications strategies of…

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Processing Citizenship is hiring! Two postdoc vacancies are opened at the University of Bologna, with Annalisa Pelizza as Principal Investigator.

Panel at WTMC Annual Meeting

Prof. Annalisa Pelizza chaired a round-table at the WTMC Annual Meeting on 13th of December 2019 in Amsterdam. The title of the round-table was “Towards an STS approach to identification?” and included contributions from Jess Bier (EUR), Amade M’Charek (UvA), Victor Toom (Gezondheidsraad), and Sally Wyatt (UM). From the program description: Identity is epistemologically and…