Digital registration of migrants as co-production of citizens, territory and Europe

How does migration enact Europe?

This question can be answered legally and politically, as most policy-makers, sociologists and journalists are doing. Or, it can be answered technically.

Aspragus harvest

The dilemma of making migrants visible to COVID-19 counting

The COVID-19 pandemic requires reconsidering the relationship between data and invisible populations as a form of de facto civil inclusion. While most forms of data management of populations are problematic, under which conditions would counting be just? Opinion piece by Processing Citizenship and DATACTIVE members, originally published on Open Democracy. 

EASST/4S Prague 2020 going virtual

Due to the current Covid-19 emergency, the EASST/4S Prague 2020 conference “Locating and Timing Matters: Significance and Agency of STS in Emerging Worlds” was moved online. The digital conference will take place in the planned dates of August 18-21, 2020. Below a statement and call published on the EASST website on behalf of the Board .…

Postponement 8th STS Italia Conference

The 8th STS Italia Conference “Dis/Entangling Technoscience” scheduled for June 18-20, 2020 in Trieste, will be postponed due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Prof. Annalisa Pelizza and PhD candidate Lorenzo Olivieri confirmed their panel on platforms, surveillance and vulnerable populations and will join the conference in 2021. The panel invited presentations discussing the relation between…