Digital registration of migrants as co-production of citizens, territory and Europe

You can contact team members, preferably by using PGP encryption.


Annalisa Bacchi

abacchi [at] processingcitizenship [dot] eu



Ermioni Frezouli

efrezouli [at] processingcitizenship [dot] eu

Fingerprint: 4F5A B873 1FE7 5F70 8028 B281 8ECC B168 EE80 0A4B


Annalisa Pelizza

apelizza [at] processingcitizenship [dot] eu

Fingerprint: 4613B2DE0FB4E8D0050E159FB9147BF6C2A2C4AA


Stephan Scheel

sscheel [at] processingcitizenship [dot] eu