ERC Processing Citizenship final conference, June 26-27 2023, University of Bologna

On June 26th-27th 2023, Processing Citizenship final conference will take place in Bologna.

Started in 2017, the Processing Citizenship project ( will reach an end in August 2023. Twelve team members have worked on the project over these years and many members of the Advisory Board. A dozen supporters inside and outside academia have provided their invaluable help in networking with gatekeepers, enabling access to research fields, pointing to ongoing developments, reviewing drafts or disseminating results. Around a hundred participants have shared their perspectives in interviews, observations, documents, or informal conversations. More than a thousand readers have honored our published work. This final conference of Processing Citizenship is meant to say thank you to all of them.

During these years, we have shared ideas and built concepts together with scholars from diverse fields such as migration studies, STS, computer sciences, border studies, human geography, critical security studies, philosophy and history of technology, organization studies, semantic web and AI, EU studies, political science, law, and international relations. Each time, it took a moment to come together and create a form of knowledge that worked as a boundary object. Each time, we came to see things in a different light. With our colleagues from these fields, we wish to share the results of our endeavours during two days of presentations, debates, dialogues, roundtables and break-outs. And to listen to their own recent developments.

You can register for online attendance here: and you will immediately receive the videocall URL.

We look forward to welcoming you!