New Publications in “Technopolitics and the Making of Europe”

Two new Processing Citizenship publications recently appeared within the collected volume Technopolitics and the Making of Europe. Infrastructures of In/Security (2023), edited by Nina Klimburg-Witjes and Paul Trauttmansdorff, London: Routledge.


Infrastructures manage the circulation of materials, knowledge, data, values, and people; they safeguard security for some and create insecurity for others. But how do visions, narratives and politics of threat reinforce and stabilize infrastructural practices and discourses? The book focuses on three key dimensions of infrastructures of in/security in Europe: techno-politics of in/security, (non)knowledge, and sociotechnical imaginaries. The chapters focus on biosecurity, energy security, border control, global health- and AI governance. Together, they are examples of how European infrastructures of in/security materialize, are contested and (re-)imagined.


Processing Citizenship team members have contributed with two open access chapters:


Klimburg-Witjes, Nina, and Paul Trauttmansdorff. 2023. “Making Europe through Infrastructures of in/Security. An Introduction

Pelizza, Annalisa. 2023. “Securitizing the infrastructural Europe, infrastructuring a securitized Europe.


You can find both here.