Digital registration of migrants as co-production of citizens, territory and Europe

Processing Citizenship at the World Conference of the Association for Borderland Studies in Vienna: Panel on the Datafication of Border and Migration Management

Post-doctoral Researcher Dr. Stephan Scheel has organized a panel at the upcoming 2ndWorld Conference of the Association for Borderland Studies. The conference will take place at the University of Vienna and the Central European University in Budapest from 10thto 14thof July 2018. The contributions to the panel all concern the ongoing technologisation and datafication of border and migration management practices. The panel thus resonates with the Processing Citzenship project’s research interest in the registration practices and IT-infrastructures that are mobilized to render newly arriving migrants who are unknown to state authorities into re-identifiable, governable subjects. In context of the panel Stephan will present a paper that tries to theorize migrants’ tactics to subvert states’ attempts to render them into traceable, transparent subjects with Edouard Glissant’s insistence on a right to opacity. The full title of Stephan’s paper is “PINning down Migrants? Managing Migration through Traceability, Subverting Border Control through Opacity”.