Processing Citizenship team grows larger

On Wednesday July 1 we had our last team meeting before the summer break. The meeting gave us the possibility to sum up the work done in these intense and excting months in Bologna and to plan our future activities. Moreover, it was an opportuntiy to welcome the two post-docs who recently joined Processing Citizenship: Andrea Pettrachin and Chiara Loschi.

Andrea joined PC on June 1st. He has worked until recently at the Migration Policy Centre of the European University Institute, where he worked on the H2020 Project ASILE on global asylum governance and on the ERC Project MIGPROSP. Andrea holds a PhD in Politics awarded in early 2020 by the University of Sheffield (UK). His research focused on the governance of asylum-seeking migration in Italy during the “refugee crisis”, analysed with a specific focus on political actors’ framing and sensemaking processes in a multi-level governance scenario, policy networks and their impact on the outputs and outcomes produced by governance systems.

Chiara will join on September 1st. She is currently postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for European Integration Research, University of Vienna. Chiara holds a PhD in Political Science and International Relations (University of Turin, Italy). Her doctoral research discussed the unintended consequences of external intervention in local policy making in Tunisia. She has extended experience in conducting fieldwork in Lybia, Tunisia and other sensitive contexts.

We wish you all a wonderful summer, see you in September.