Program STSMigTec/Processing Citizenship Workshop 2023

STS-MIGTEC & Processing Citizenship Workshop 2023 will take place in Bologna and online on March 21-22, 2023.

If you would like to attend the event (in Bologna or online), please register your interest by emailing to by March 17 with the subject: Workshop.


The workshop will host six panels and one round-table session. Click here to check the full program.

Open Panel1. Viapolitics, knowledge production, and migratory appropriations

Open Panel2. Data assemblages, algorithmic governance, and migrant re-presentations

Panel #1. Emerging Models of Digital Identity in Migration Governance, Humanitarian Aid and Development Assistance

Panel #2. Mediatizing claim making, publics, and citizenship. On ambivalent technologies for migrants on the move

Panel #3. Law, Technology and Border Control

Panel #4. Situating long-term implications of registering and identifying practices

Roundtable session: “Establishing an academic career: grant applications, international networks, publication strategies”