Claudio Coletta


Claudio Coletta (Ph.D. in Sociology and Social Research - Research programme in Information Systems and Organizations) currently works as a research manager in the Urban Studies Institute (USI) - University of Antwerp. His research revolves around the fields of Science & Technology Studies, Urban Studies and Organization Studies, with a special interest in the study of categorical work, infrastructures and organizational narratives, as explored through qualitative methodologies.

In the last 5 years, Claudio's research investigated smart city development processes in the interplay of networked infrastructures and metropolitan-regional governance. Claudio conducted fieldwork with local authorities in Irish and US cities to map the formation of the actual smart city landscapes and reflect on their social and environmental implications. In particular, he focused on the dynamics of control rooms and mobility management in cities, following the translations of urban big data into management practices and governance processes and the way they perform urban space.

Claudio endorses an open, transdisciplinary and collaborative approach to research, which needs to be engaged with society at large. During his career, he has established several connections with a broad and international research network, through exchanges and associations with various European research institutes and organizations such as STS Italia, EASST, Gothenburg Research Institute, Maynooth University Social Science Research Institute, Ecole des Mines and Urban European Research Alliance. With the same spirit and commitment, he joined the Processing Citizenship team.

Please have a look at Claudio's Google Scholar or ORCID profile for his publications.